Growing concern over fire safety in public buildings has greatly increased the demand for fire-resistive materials in buildings. Stricter building codes have boosted industry standards, creating a specialized and high profile market for these materials and the contractors who apply them. However, fire-resistive materials must be applied properly to protect the building structure. Inspection is one means of evaluating that fireproofing is applied in accordance with approved project plans and specifications, and with the intended materials.

One of the key elements of any project is to provide knowledgeable technicians capable of performing the required testing services. At SK Geotechnical Corporation, our technicians are trained to perform testing and inspection on various types of fire-resistive materials, including intumescent paint. We understand the importance of maintaining the construction schedule and providing personnel with the necessary experience, capabilities, and equipment.

Testing fireproofing adhesion
Adhesion test

Fireproofing density testing
Density test

Missoula fireproofing
Applying fireproofing material


Special inspection of fireproofing is often required by the local building code or by the owner through the architect or the engineer. At SK Geotechnical, inspection is part of the quality assurance program, to confirm the project is constructed in accordance with the contract documents. Inspectors at SK Geotechnical have extensive experience in testing and inspecting various fireproofing materials, including sprayed fire-resistive materials (SFRM) and thin-film intumescent fire-resistive materials (TFIFRM). Through years of education and experience, our inspectors have gained a vast knowledge of the codes and specifications governed by the Uniform Building Code (UBC), International Building Code (IBC), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), and the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI).

Field and Laboratory Testing

At SK Geotechnical, our inspectors conduct a large variety of field and laboratory tests related to fire-resistive materials. We can perform the following tests in accordance with ASTM, UBC, IBC, ICBO, or AWCI.

  • Pre-placement inspection of fire-resistant materials and substrates
  • Thickness
  • Density
  • Cohesion/adhesion
  • Post-placement inspection of fire-resistant materials coverage